Student & Parent Testimonials

"I have enjoyed Mike as my piano instructor for many years. Mike has been very understanding and accommodating of my busy adult schedule. He accepts my desire to quickly learn certain favorite songs and styles. Although some of the weeks I am not as prepared as I should be, I still look forward to my appointment. Mike's background as an active professional performer keeps him in touch with the "real world" of music that adults enjoy......this helps keep the lessons more interesting."

~ Henry G. Czachor...retired music man.

"I am a twelve year old student of Mike Garrity. I think he is an amazing teacher! He really helps me learn the piece by breaking it down for me. He's really patient, kind and helpful. He never yells at me if I am struggling with a song. He is very understanding and a fun teacher. He let's me pick out my own music if I want to take a break from my lesson book. I can't stress enough how much of a great teacher he is!!"

~ Sarah Zarvan

"It is so wonderful to have such a talented piano teacher right in our neighborhood. My kids can even walk or ride their bikes to the piano lessons!! Mike is so patient and kind with the kids. They really enjoy learning different kinds of music. I love it because Mike is a great communicator and is flexible and easy to talk to, I highly recommend Mike Garrity!!"

~ Barb Zarvan

My three children have all taken years of piano lessons from Mike. I am constantly amazed at the goals my kids reach, thanks to Mike's teaching style. It seems that Mike is particularly fantastic at meeting the kids at their level; he just seems to know how best to reach them, even though they have such different personalities. Something else that sets Mike apart from other teachers is his willingness to give his students some control in their musical genre and song choice.

Gina Vecera

I am very glad to have Mike Garrity as my piano instructor. He has helped me along my musical journey since I was nine years old. He's given me encouragement and help whenever I need it. It is much more exciting to learn when you have an engaging ad fun instructor like Mike.

Alex Meyer

I feel fortunate to have Mike as Alex's piano teacher. Alex has been with Mike for over five years now and his ability to pass on his knowledge, skills and talents to his students continues to impress me. Mike has many students who have achieved high marks with their piano skills which says a lot about Mike. He is dedicated, patient and wants to see his students succeed. He is willing to work with his students and the type of music they prefer to play which helps in developing a love for music. Mike takes great pride in his students' success not only as a piano student but in their personal lives as well. He is very encouraging and seeks out the positives in each students' lessons and takes great delight in the individual personalities of his students.

Michelle Meyer

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