Learn to Play the Piano!


This beginner level piano lesson program is perfect for first-time musicians, young or older. Students will learn the basics of piano playing and music theory, including piano key identification, note reading and timing/counting and music interpretation. 

They will also learn the value of repetitive practice routines with many sports analogies used as examples:

 How many times do you pass a football, shoot a basketball, dribble a soccer ball, hit a baseball, or shoot or pass a hockey puck?


The intermediate Piano Student builds on the skills learned during their beginning piano lessons. We focus more on choosing songs that the Student enjoys and also focusing on Dynamics, Phrasing, Timing, Technique and Interpretation, and start to learn Improvisation.


Advanced Piano Students are learning increasingly more challenging songs and Interpretation and Improvisation performance techniques. Some of the Students are Professional performing musicians and Piano Teachers. The Professional performers learn Improv and Style Skills and the Piano Teachers learn Teaching and Performing skills.

Student Recitals

Enjoy Keagan Handrich, my 2015 Piano Scholarship Winner! This video shows him performing at the 2018 Student's Spring Piano Recital.

Enjoy Sophia Dubord, my 2014 Piano Scholarship Winner! This video shows her performing at the 2018 Student's Spring Piano Recital.

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